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Prospective Families

The Wonder school inspires to be a second home for children ages 6 months to 6 years so that families can bring their children to a school that provides quality education up until primary school.  

Wonder nursery, located in Alfasi 2 Tel Aviv, is a English immersion nursery for children aged 6 months to 3 years,  following RIE - Resources for Infant Educators. A educational approach focusing on building a respectful relationship with children.

Wonder preschool, located in Tel Aviv, is a bilingual English-Hebrew preschool for children aged 21 months to 6 years. Inspired by the progressive educational philosophy of Reggio Emilia, we view children as competent and capable individuals, rich with wonder who are eager and curious to connect with the world around them. 

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Applying to Wonder

We invite all parents interested in joining Wonder to register their interest in the form below in order to received updates on registration periods and open spots during the school year. 

Our Admission Process

We open registration in January each year to current children and their siblings, who receive priority in registration, and once internal registration is concluded we invite external applications.

We then review all external applications and select those families that we wish to invite for a play date that will take place in February/March. This is another chance to see our teachers in action so that you can make a more informed decision if Wonder is right for your family. It is also an opportunity for us to meet your child in a play-based setting. 

By the end of March we aim to conclude all playdates and offer the available places to external families. Acceptance letters will go out to those children who have been accepted into the school by the end of March. 

Children who have not been offered a place will be placed on our waiting list. After the due date for enrollment has passed, any available places will be offered to children on the waiting list. 

The design of our admissions process is based on the overwhelming number of inquiries we received from interested families. We believe this admissions process honors our commitment to build a community that is diverse, inclusive, and made up of families that truly believe in Wonder’s mission. 

Register Your Interest
We accept new children throughout the school year (up until May) when a space frees up.  To be placed on our notifications list, please complete the form below.

Register Your Interest Form
Applying to Wonder
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School Calendar

Our school year runs from the beginning of September to the end of July, during which the school is closed for Jewish and Israeli holidays. Our school year is designed to allow parents to come together as a community, learn more about our educational approach and their own children's experience at school, and to provide opportunity for teachers to develop professionally and personally. Too access an example of our annual calendar, please click the link below.

School Year


School’s Location

The Wonder nursery is located at Alfasi 2, Tel Aviv. The Wonder preschool is located at 4 Betzalel Yafe off Rothschild Boulevard in Tel Aviv.  We are looking to expand the school therefore looking to move location, preferably close by to the current location, but not nescessarily.



The nursery runs Sunday through Thursday from 7:30AM­ to 4:00PM. 

The preschool runs Sunday through Thursday from 7:30AM­ to 4:30PM. 

Child/Teacher Ratio

Child to teacher ratio at Wonder ranges between 4:1in the youngest group of 9-15 month old children with a maximum of 12 children and 6:1 in our 3 to 6 years old groups with a maximum of 18 children in each group. 

Educational Philosophy

We are inspired by the world-renowned Reggio Emilia approach to early childhood education in our preschool and REI/Pikler approach in our nursery.


Outdoor Space

At the Wonder School, we believe children have the right to be outside as much as possible. We are fortunate to have 200 square meters of private garden encircling the building. This outdoor classroom is home to, among other things, a mud kitchen, mini­-atelier, potion station, DIY station, an area to explore urban nature, and a community gathering site.


We provide two healthy snacks (prepared with the help of the children) and a nutritious wholesome lunch.  The goal is to facilitate a bond between the children and food that fosters healthy eating habits and a positive attitude towards food.  Our focus is on delicious, wholesome food that is presented in aesthetically pleasing ways, served on real dishes at a beautifully set table, and enjoyed in the company of good friends.



Together as a community we celebrate important moments in the Jewish and Israeli calendar. These holidays are a time for asserting a feeling of connection, remembering our national history, and honoring the beauty of tradition.  With that said, The Wonder School embraces families from all cultural and religious backgrounds. We welcome any opportunity to expose the children to holidays, rituals, and traditions that they may not be familiar with in their home life. Families are always welcome to come in and present an aspect of their culture to the children.

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